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For Priceless Service to the Community

Welcome to SCHMUCK FEST! We are the home of celebrity comedy roasts benefiting charity and the official SCHMUCK Family Genealogy Website.


The name Schmuck Fest came about when Frank Schmuck and John Gunby were bainstorming ideas for the name of  a comedy roast they were planning to benefit children through the community service organization of Kiwanis. After several examples were presented Frank suggested the name should be short -- two, maybe three words -- so it is easily remembered.  John said to Frank, “How about a Schmuck Fest?”  Frank replied jokingly  “Well if it’s for charity, We‘ll let you use our name.”  John Gunby laughed and ever since the name has remained.


United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.”  Although the name Schmuck has become popular in our society, few are fortunate to have the name on their birth certificateJ  Of German origin, Schmuck means jewel or jewelry.  The name is commonly seen on signs and bill boards in Germany and Austria related to the merchandising of precious jewelry.

The Schmuck Family name has been traced to the birth of Christian von Schmuck in 1370.  Over the years, all kinds of professions from educators and business leaders to war heroes and professional athletes have carried the name Schmuck from their birthright.  As of 2004 more than 500 people bearing the Schmuck family name reside in United States and Canada.   No matter what the trade or profession Schmuck’s share one thing -- a remarkable spirit – a spirit of service. It is this spirit of service that is sometimes coined “priceless,” and the diamond is representative of a priceless jewel.  For this reason our family created the Schmuck Jewel Award and we present it to those who provide “priceless” service to the community.

Periodically the Schmuck Family teams up with comedians to roast various celebrities for the benefit of charity. Become a member of Schmuck Fest and receive signifcant discounts to our events and have access to photos of celebrities, comedians, the band, as well extensive records on one of the world's most commonly used namesJ   With a name like SCHMUCK, it's got to be good!